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Medical Production Equipment

Swiss Med Technologies is a supplier of the most advanced equipment to produce medical devices serving clients worldwide.
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DAL is a state of the art Dialyser Assembly Line capable of producing a wide range of blood filtration devices to suit various therapeutic needs.
These cover low and high flux dialysers, hemofilters, plasmafilters and a variet of special devices.
The modules may have different lengths and /or diameters to cover an exchange area from as low as 0.2 to 2.0 m2 .
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Summary of DAL Specifications 

Fibre spinning line

Swiss Med Technologies is a world-class provider of hollow fibre production lines. Our technology can lead to the production of hollow fibres for blood filtration such as dialysers, haemoconcentrators, or for hemodiafiltration. The same technology is applied to the manufacturing of ultra-pure pyrogen-free fibres used in operating theatres. The same technology using PSU, PES or PVDF resins can be applied to water treatment solutions.

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Fully scalable manufacturing systems

In a continuous effort to serve complex customer needs, Suisse Med Technologies offers a full range of manufacturing systems of various levels of sophistication: from lab-scale to full industrial production systems. We offer total or partial integration according to customers’ requirements and can back-integrate existing production lines of our medical technology.